Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma C!

Yesterday was my Grandma's birthday. She is my mother's mother. My mom and her sisters have lunch together for each other's birthdays so on Saturday, we had a lunch for my grandma's birthday and also my cousin Lesa. Their birthdays are on the same day. It was a great day with just the girls. Hannah got to come with me and be one of the "big girls".

My grandma is so awesome! She is very fun l0ving and can be a tease. When we were growing up, you could be sure that you would get your allotted birthday spankings on your birthday. They were filled with love...but they hurt too! Haha! Grandma C. always sends a birthday card. She sends them to me, to my hubby, and to my kids. They are always dated and have a sweet message written by her. Slow learner that I am, I should have been saving these cards throughout my entire life but sadly, I can't say that I have. I do have most of them, though. These cards mean more to me now than most anything else. I know I won't be getting them from her forever and I cherish the ones I have. Love you Grandma Cook!!

Here is Grandma and Ryan on Christmas Eve. She was giving him a horsey-ride on her lap. He looks so serious about it but he was loving it and laughing!
Grandma and my boys.

Hannah and Grandma-getting ready to blow out the candles.
I absolutely love this picture. Hannah went right up to Grandma and told her "Happy Birthday Grandma Cook!"
My cousin, Lesa (0n the left). Happy Birthday Lesa!
Her sister-in-law (my cousin-in-law) Marjorie on the right.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Favorite kind of day

We had a great Christmas and New Years. Santa was very good to us this year. But I am so happy to have it past and be starting in on a New Year. I look forward to this year. Especially if I have many days like today. But first, some Christmas photos.

Here is little man (Ryan) on Christmas morning. So excited!

Hannah showing off her "maskic wand and tatoo". (Magic wand and tutu).

All of us on Christmas Day at my parent's house. I think its a cute picture. Too bad I look like my eyes are about to roll back in my head.
But about today:
I love days like today. Blaine didn't have to work and neither did I. We had no obligations other than trying to get control of our out-of-control house and towering pile of laundry. It was too cold to even think about going outside so we stayed in. The kids (who have been sick) are feeling somewhat better today. We all made dinner tonight. Together. My kids love to cook and were so excited that we were cooking shrimp. Our dinner was divine! We had fettucine alfredo with shrimp scampi. We had a spinach salad with poppyseed dressing. And for dessert we had molten lava cakes. (Don't think for one minute that we eat like this every night.) The best part about dinner was that we made it all from scratch and we made it all together. Everyone was happy. No fighting. No bawling. One happy family. At the end of this day I feel content. And very full.

Here is Garrett. Licking the bowl from the molten lava cake batter. Mmmmm....