Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 months old!

Ryan is 6 months old already! He is so happy
and smiley most of the time. He loves to sit up
and can sit by himself for a good length of time.
He will roll over if he has to but doesn't enjoy it
because it means he is lying down.

He went in for his 6 month checkup and shots today.
Here are his stats:
Height: 26 3/4 inches long (50th percentile)
Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz. (30th percentile)
and (drumroll please)...
Head circumference is: 46 1/4 cm (97th percentile!)
Yes, my child has a big head! (Means he'll be extra smart!)

The other day he and Hannah were in the tub.
Whatever she would do, he would just laugh and
giggle. Here is a little video of it. You hear both of them
laughing but most of it is Ryan.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Soccer

Garrett begged me all winter long to play soccer. So, when spring came around and my neighbor told me she was coaching soccer again, I went ahead and signed him up. He was so excited. They practice on Tuesdays and have games on Thursdays. Well, this spring has been especially cold and miserable. Especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Shareese and Jolynn came for Garrett's game last week. The wind was blowing and you could watch a dust storm roll in. It got colder the longer we sat there. Garrett's team (orange) did awesome and played an especially aggressive team (red) that day. Garrett got right in there to get the ball. He played great and loved that Shareese and Jolynn were there to cheer him on! Above are some pictures taken by Jolynn. Go Garrett! Go Orange!


This is Shareese. She is Blaine's sister. Shareese
has had the same hair style since I first met her,
11 years ago. She decided it was time for a change.
WOO HOO!!! (No offense Shareese- Love ya!)

This is Jolynn. She is also Blaine's sister. Jolynn's
hairstyles have changed somewhat over the years.
She is currently training to compete in a triathalon
this summer and was also wanting a change in her
hairstyle...something to fit her active lifestyle.

So....these two brave souls came to visit us and
we all went to see my hairdresser, Renee. I love Renee.
She has a natural talent to look at someone and know
just what hairstyle will look great on them. She is
an awesome stylist and also a great colorist.
She pampers you when you go to see her.

I have been going to Renee for a long time. My hairstyles
change frequently because I get bored, but I have
never had a bad haircut or a bad color from her.
In my opinion, she is the best!

Wanna see the finished product? Voila!

I love, love, love the new Shareese! FYI-she has
a lot of hair!

Love this cut! Wouldn't mind it myself ;) So
easy to take care of!

It was a great day and I am so glad they
decided to come to visit!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Me and Garrett with my awesome flowerpot!

My cute little coupon mommy.

Garrett brought home his mother's day gift yesterday. They made it at school. He has been so excited about it he has been bursting, trying to keep it a secret. He wanted me to open it yesterday because the gift needed some attention. It was wrapped in a white paper bag with "I Love Mom" written all over it. On the front was a cute little paper mom and her apron lifted up and had coupons for me. They were written in poem form and were so cute! They were for things like 2 hugs, taking out the trash, singing me a song, or picking up the living room floor. I loved it! Then, inside the bag was a flower pot with a marigold in it. The pot was personalized and said "I love mom" and "2009". He had colored it orange! I love it! Presents from kids at this age are straight from the heart and they want so hard for you to be happy when you get them. I am going to keep these forever.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dancing princess

Last weekend we went to Jerome to see Blaine's nephew Brandon get baptised. After all the festivities on Saturday and Sunday we all went upstairs at Clifton & Jenn's house (Blaine's brother) and played Rock Band. I had never played before but I thought it was great fun. The drums are definitely not my thing...I sucked pretty hard...but the rest was fun! The kids had lots of fun and Gavin can really belt out "Dirty Little Secret"! Hannah cannot resist any music and will even tell you "I have to dance." So she did! She would make a great addition to any mosh pit, she jumps and jumps and never seems to tire. Her cousin, Isabel, started dancing with her but Hannah was just too wild for her. :) Hannah is really into pink and princessey things, but she loves rock music and was even trying a little head-banging!

My little helpers

My little helpers with Grandma Great.

Hannah-doing her part.

We live just around the corner from my Grandma Purcell. I love this and so do my kids. They have gotten to know her very well and feel comfortable at her house. She is known for her hard work and honestly, up until a year or two ago, could out-work us all! She still stays busy and has a gorgeous yard. Sometimes my kids go over to help her in the yard. (Really, she's usually helping my by letting them be there while I go Visiting Teaching or to a meeting or something). Anyway, they helped her the other day to transplant flowers. It is so good for them to learn to work from the person who taught all of us.