Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stealing Angels

So last friday, September 9th my sister Beckie won an "Eat & Greet" contest from a local country radio station. She and a couple of other people won the opportunity to meet the girls from Stealing Angels, a band that was opening at the fair for Ronnie Dunn that night.
Beckie got to invite 3 people to join her so she invited me, Blaine and Kara to go! It was very exciting. We went to the radio station, ate pizza and met the girls.

They were so cute and energetic and funny! They sang a few songs for us and I must say, their vocals were TIGHT! The conference room had great accoustics and the girls' voices were awesome. The harmonies were right on and even though they were standing just an arms length away from us, they blended so well it was hard to tell who was singing melody and who was singing harmony.

Afterwards they signed autographs and took photos with us. They were all so sweet and gracious.

Here is me and Blaine with Stealing Angels. The one next to Blaine is Loretta Lynn's granddaughter. The one next to her is John Wayne's granddaughter. (We were a little starstruck by her because of who her grandpa is).

Here is Beckie with the girls. The radio station took these photos for us. I didn't bring my camera with me cuz I didn't know what to expect but Beckie took some pictures for us and I took a few with my phone while they were singing.

Here is sweet Kara with the girls. I have to admit that prior to this day I had never heard of them. Since then, I have listened to their songs and love them! These girls have talent. It was such a fun opportunity to meet them! I hope I have more opportunities like these in the future.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Thursday September 8 was Hannah's birthday. She turned 5 this year! Wow! How did she get to be so old? She is such a sweetheart and a little bummed that she is not going to kindergarten this year but I am enjoying one more year of her at home.

Good Morning Mary Sunshine! Hannah is definitely not a morning person and we obliged her by letting her sleep in as much as we can. This morning she woke up and came out to see me and sweetly told me "Today is my birthday!" She even let me take a first thing in the morning birthday picture of her.

Later that afternoon she got to open her presents. This one was probably the most exciting to her (until Rapunzel arrived the next day thanks to a very kind and generous person). This is her bag of goldfish. She wanted a kitten. One that would stay in the house all the time and never poop on the floor. Goldfish are much better. And cheaper. Welcome to the Jones household goldfish. I have named them Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe and Tiny. (Although as I type this on Sunday night we are down to 3 goldfish. Alas, such is the life of a 25 cent goldfish).

How old are you Hannah? How many goldfish did you get?

Hannah was born the same day as her cousin Liam. They were born 15 minutes apart and are much like twins...separated at birth. They are inseperable when they are together. We had a combined birthday party for them at my brother's house. His wife Terresa made their birthday cake. She is so talented when it comes to making the cakes and always makes the cutest ones! This one is a crayon cake with crayon candles. I LOVE that it says "COUSINS" instead of "CRAYONS". So sweet!

Here is Hannah with Liam. They are so cute together and had a great birthday party together. Thank you to everyone who came and who showered my little girl with love and gifts.
Here's to you, Hannah girl! Love you!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Last Hurrah!

The last Friday before school started, we decided to go to Rigby Lake with the Hopkins family. It was a gorgeous evening and the kids had a great time. Blake loved being outside as well and was very content to hang out in his bucket or lay in your arms.

I never did get a very good picture of Garrett. He and his friends spent most of their time at the slide on the middle of the lake. Thats him climbing up the ladder out of the water.

Its real shallow at the edge of the lake and the little kids are content to splash around on the water's edge. Makes for a lot calmer and less nervous mommy.

Hannah was interested in taking a mud/sand bath. She promptly smeared that mud all over her legs. Yay!

Speaking of sand and mud, here is Ryan with his buddy Pearson. These two are trouble waiting to happen. Just look at those cute grins! Trouble, I tell ya.

It was nice to get away for an evening and let the kids play. We didn't get to do any big trips this summer so its nice to have something close by that makes the kids feel like we went somewhere and did something fun!