Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blaine's Birthday

Blaine's birthday was March 19th. (I know I'm slow at posting this. We've been having computer issues-but all is well today!) Anyway, Blaine's cousin Jason and his wife Sarah and their 3 kids came up for the weekend. We were so excited to have them visit. Their kids' ages almost exactly match our kids' ages so they had a great time playing together. For Blaine's birthday dinner, Blaine requested to have steak and baked potatoes. I made this recipe. It was sooo good! We had beans and corn with it. I was so happy to have someone over who likes corn. My kids won't eat it. Remember how much corn I did last fall?

Blaine requested Dr. Pepper cake for his birthday. It doesn't look like much but it is quite yummy and very moist. It is a chocolate cake and the icing is a lot like ganache-you just pour it on warm. It oozes down the sides and is quite a gooey wonderfulness!

Saturday we took the kids to the river to feed the ducks and geese. Sadly, Sarah had to stay home with their baby, who was not feeling too well. The kids and I made popcorn to feed to the ducks. Making popcorn this way is fun. The kids are anxiously awaiting the first pop of kernels!

Here is Hannah, Garrett and Lucy. I must say, Hannah and Lucy could be sisters. They have the exact same hair color and consistency and from behind you probably couldn't tell who is who (other than Lucy is taller!)

The kids were so excited to feed the ducks. There are hundreds of them and when you start throwing food, they come swimming right to you! Here is Lucy, Colin (hiding behind), Garrett & Hannah with their bag of popcorn.

The ducks and geese have quite the refined palate. They really preferred bread over popcorn and luckily we brought some of that too. There were seagulls all around too so Blaine thought it would be great to see if they would catch the bread out of the air. He started throwing pieces of bread up in the air in front of the bird's flight path. There was one seagull that caught on. He would fly in a large circle and come back around and catch the bread in the air. Kinda exciting. (Cheap entertainment!)

Here is our view across the river. Beautiful!

Here's the little twins, Hannah and Lucy. The great part about the river is you can get right to the edge to feed the ducks without too much anxiety about falling in.
We had a great time at the river (even if it was a little chilly)!
We had a fun weekend our kids were so sad when Jason and Sarah left. Blaine's birthday weekend was filled with lots of food, fun and great friends/family!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Sweetest Thing...

Today was Hannah's first dance recital (of sorts). They performed at the Eastern Idaho Dance Showcase at Shelley High School. There were lots of different dance studios there to perform. Hannah's class (they called them mini's) danced very first. It was their jazz dance and they performed to "Footloose". Thanks to Beckie for letting us borrow your video camera and super thanks to Rachelle for doing the filming for us!! It was just so cute and I was laughing the whole time because those little girls are just so cute!! They worked so hard and were giving their all.

Hannah is in the back row, center court in this video:

The second dance was literally The Sweetest Thing! The girls danced to "Dancing with Cinderella". Their dads danced with them. I had seen them practice and watched from the side but this was the first time I'd seen it from the front. This routine was definitely a crowd favorite. Not a dry eye to be found. The girls were so cute and sweet and so happy to have their daddy there to dance with them. Listening to the words to the song makes it all the better. Blaine was such a good sport about the whole thing. Thanks sweetie!! So, without further ado: