Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Fun

This summer has been fun. Lots of water activities. Beckie and I took the kids to Rigby Lake last week (for the 2nd time, actually). We wanted one more trip before winter sets in! Ok, fall then. But it feels like winter! Garrett found this huge rock on the edge of the lake and was trying to pry it up. I only envisioned bloody, broken toes. That child is tan, though!

My little man, Ryan. Look at those tan arms and that white chest! He usually wears his swim shirt but I couldn't find it and I was kind of in a hurry. Oh well, thats what they made sunscreen for. Here he is eating cheese crackers. Later, he carries them down to the sand and liberally sprinkles sand in the box. There is still crackers in the box now. It is in my pantry. Eat them at your own risk. Taste good...a little sandy.

The last time we went to Rigby lake, we took Terresa, Remi, Jayson, Liam & Jonah with us. They couldn't make it this time. I forgot my camera last time so I have no pictures of them. *Sigh* Anyway, it was really warm last time. This time-breezy and cooler. The water was cold. See Porter? He is not enjoying the water. He didn't ever enjoy the water this time!

Hannah has become my little poser. She won't just smile for a picture. If she knows you are taking it, she has to pose. She's a funny, burpin', fartin', princessey girl. She'll make you laugh.

That kid is tan too!

Me, hanging out in the water with my kiddos. Ryan was none too happy right then, although he was trying to be tough. Just minutes before, I had been standing in the shallow water, taking pictures and I looked down and he was floating face down in the water, kicking his feet and flailing his arms. I reached down and yanked him out of the water. His eyes were wide open and he was sputtering. He had been standing right next to me in about knee-high water (for him) and I'm not sure what happened. Either he leaned over too far in the water and fell, or a little wave knocked him down. Oh well. He is fine and my heart was pumping. Scary! But, he was a trooper and went back out in the water with me.

Overall, we had a fun time. Glad we did it before summer was over. The kids had fun and keep asking when we can go back. Next summer, kids!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Beans, beans, the magic fruit.
The more you eat...
Oh wait, wrong kind of bean. Hehe...

This weekend, Blaine and I went to Burley to pick beans from his dad's farm. His dad is growing Blue Lake green beans for seed. These beans are grown as you would any garden green bean, then let go to seed and harvested for the seeds.

At the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, Blaine's mom, Evelyn, and his sisters Shareese and Rachelle were kind enough to get up with us and go pick the beans. Shareese stayed home with my kids, got them dressed, fed them breakfast and even made breakfast for us! Thanks guys!!

We picked around 5 1/2 bushels of beans in 2 hrs. Speedy!! There were lots of mosquitos and dragonflies in the field. I have more than my fair share of mosquito bites around my ankles! I have never seen so many dragonflies as were in this field. Swarms of them!!

After picking the beans and eating some breakfast, we were on our way home. We had a full day of canning ahead of us!

My Grandma Purcell came over to help snip and cut beans, along with my sister, Beckie. You can see by this picture that its early in the day. There are still smiles.

Hannah and Garrett were good helpers as well. Hannah washed bottles and Garrett snipped and cut beans. While Garrett does a great job, I don't trust my (almost) 4 year old with sharp knives just yet.

Hannah improvised a stool so she could reach the sink. She is standing on her little bathroom stool atop our overnight bag that we took to Burley.

Doug and Kara came by later to continue to help snip and cut beans. Thanks guys!

Later as the night wore on, Doug became the babysitter for tired kiddos.

18+ hours and just under 200 pints of beans later, we're done! Whew! Thanks to everyone who helped get this huge process finished. Its a lot like the corn we did last year but I'm glad we'll have it to eat this winter, although I don't think I can look at another bean for a while.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy & Me

Hannah and I had a girls day last week. We went and got mommy/daughter pedicures. The nail place we went to had a special kid's chair for pedicures. They played a Barbie movie while Hannah got her nails done. She got her fingernails painted to match her toes. It was very fun and very relaxing for me. (Click on the picture to check out our awesome toes!)

We came home and put "fae-wees" (fairies) up on Hannah's bedroom wall. A while back I bought these wallpaper cutouts that you stick up on the walls and can remove whenever without ruining the paint. Hannah thought it was very fun to stick them up all over her room. Definitly gives it a more girly feel in there. Hannah put these three together over her bed because "they are friends."

What a fun time Hannah and I had together! I hope that as she get older, she will continue doing mommy/daughter things together. Right now, at least, she still thinks I'm cool!