Monday, April 18, 2011

Eggcellent FHE

We aren't very good at having consistent FHE around here, mainly because of work schedules and getting home near or after bedtime but tonight everyone was home. I had been wanting to do a little project for a while and NOW was the time to do it. Everyone was home, happy, dinner was done and I had all the supplies. I knew my kids would love it and they did. And we haven't even gotten to the good part yet.

Earlier today I lopped off the tops of some eggs, dumped the innards out, washed and dried them. I filled these little eggs with potting soil and then we let each person in the family decorate their little egg how they chose. They drew faces on them, which are so cute, and then we topped them off with some grass seed. Kentucky Bluegrass to be exact. The grass seed is blue so you can see exactly how much you put in there. In this case, Ryan tried grabbing it by the handfuls and filling each egg. Lets just say there was little blue seeds everywhere! We watered them and have set them near the window to grow. Those little egg folks will soon have a full head of hair!

Here is our little egg family. In back is: Jodi, Hannah, Ryan.
Front: Garrett, new baby, and Blaine (obviously the only one with facial hair!)

The kids were so excited to do this and can't wait until the "hair" starts growing. Then they can cut the hair. They better not get any ideas about cutting other types of hair, though. The scissors will disappear again! This was so fun to do with the kids. Depending on how the week goes, we may or may not get any eggs dyed. This will be a fun, less messy substitute if we don't.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Graduation Day

Hannah's preschool is officially done! We had a cute little graduation ceremony for them. One of the moms made these awesome graduation caps for the kids. So cute!

The kids were all very excited and more than ready to be done. (Or was that just me?) They were eager to show us all they had learned this year.

Hannah is the only one of this bunch who won't be in kindergarten next year. She doesn't really realize what that means, yet, but she will be that much more ahead the next year. She is super close to being able to read already and loves to write words on paper and play "school".

They all stood up, recited the pledge of allegiance, the abc's and a nursery rhyme of their choice. Then they got a graduation certificate and then we had snacks. It was a fun day to finish preschool with and its good to be finished. It was a great experience for Hannah both academically and socially.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Garrett got to participate in our ward's pinewood derby. This is something I was dreading and couldn't wait to get over with. Garrett and Blaine, on the other hand, were looking forward to it. This is Garrett's car that he and Blaine made. He was so proud and so excited to race it.

Remi and Jayson came to watch. The scout leaders set up the heats so everyone got to race everybody else. Lots of racing but it was fair that way. They kept track of who won the most races and those were the winners. Everyone got an award anyway. Garrett won "most realistic." The bottom of his car had weights on it that resembled the bottom of a real car.
Way to go Garrett! Glad you had so much fun. I'm glad its over!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Blaine!

Ok, I know I am late posting this. March was busy and I was out of energy. Now its April, raining like crazy outside and I'm spending a lazy day at home with my two youngest kids. What better thing to do than update your blog? I thought so...

This year for Blaine's birthday, we had planned to go away for the weekend. We planned this a long time ago and so we were bummed when circumstances changed and we couldn't afford to go anywhere. So instead, we stayed home. Just Blaine and me. My mom took the kids Friday night and we had the evening, night and all day Saturday to ourselves. It was heavenly.

Blaine didn't want to go out to eat so we stayed home, cooked steaks and watched a movie. It was so relaxing. We rarely watch movies (we get so far behind on new movies its almost not worth it to try to catch up). We watched this one for free (Yippee!) and just had a really relaxing night. The next day we had an appointment with our accountant (I know-not on the top of your birthday to do list) but it was over quickly and was painless. We spent the rest of the day doing basically nothing, went to a home and garden show, watched another movie and just rested. AND THE HOUSE STAYED CLEAN!!

Later that evening, we went to my parent's house for a birthday party for Blaine. We had dinner and cake/ice cream. Blaine got to light all 35 candles on his cupcakes. The kids had made them especially for him and were excited to help him blow out the candles.

Happy Birthday Babe! Glad we got to spend a wonderful 24 hours together!
Thanks to all who helped make this happen. It was a great gift for both of us.