Monday, April 30, 2012

My first 5K

About 4 years ago,  my sister called me up one summer day and asked me if I wanted to do a 5K with her.  I was very pregnant at the time and had just returned from Martin's Cove in Wyoming and had NO desire whatsoever to do something like a 5K.   I pushed it off to "later" and "when I'm not pregnant."   Then, my sister got pregnant so I was off the hook for a little while longer.   Then, I was pregnant again and was spared yet again!   (seems like a vicious cycle, eh?).   Anyway, after Blake was born, I had some mindset changes, some weight changes (in the downward direction!!) and decided I wanted to challenge myself.   So, I talked my sister into signing up for a 5K with me!   She did it, even though she is pregnant again herself.   We talked our sister-in-law, Kara, into signing up too!  Yippee!

Now the hard work began.   I am not a runner, do not profess to be a runner, or even like to run.   I signed up for the 5K as a walker (to be on the safe side) but I wanted to run as much as I could.   I have an awesome long-distance friend who is a runner and she offered me lots and lots of advice and encouragement!   Thank you Francys for all your support and long distance cheering!   It helped so much to know that "a real runner" was cheering for me!!

Race day dawned beautiful, sunny (whew!) and cold.   I was prepared though.  Beckie and I had gone the night before to get our goody bag with our shirts and our numbers.    My shirt was a little big but who cares!   Haha!   So excited and a little scared, not knowing what to expect, the race director was there and she was so great!   She really put us at ease about the 5K.     
Getting ready before the race.   Garrett thought having my very own number was very cool!

Waiting for our instructions, taking in the sights.   So excited!!   It was cold out but I knew as soon as we started moving, we would warm right up!

Some of the awesome people there!   These girlies were all from Mountain View hospital, decked out in
 80's fashion and tutus!

Kara, Beckie and me at the halfway point and feeling great!   We  would run  some and then walk some
and we stayed together.   I loved that!

Me, just after crossing the finish line.  I felt awesome and so excited about what I had accomplished!

Beckie, filling up on the yummy snacks!

Thats right Kara!   You are awesome!   WE are awesome!

It was so bright out and we were on a high.   I had heard about the high you get after a race.
  Its awesome.  I am so ready to do another 5K!   Plus, we all walked away with prizes.  Yay!
 ButtIn Gear were the organizers of this event and they were awesome!   Everyone was so supportive.  It was an out and back course and the runners/walkers were cheering each other on the whole way.  I loved that!  That's how everything should be in life.   Support each other!   There was a lady there, she was 71 1/2 years old.  She had been doing 5K's for 1 1/2 years and this was her 15th one!   What an inspiration!!
We finished with a time of 46:46.  Not great but not too shabby either.   My goal is to do more races and beat my time each time.  Next year, when I do this very same race again, I want to SHATTER my time!   For me, though, the whole thing is not about running or racing anyone (except myself).  It was about setting a goal for myself, working to achieve that goal and increasing my level of fitness and overall health along the way.   I am so proud of myself to have done this and look forward to the next one!
Thanks so much to Beckie and Kara for completing it with me and for everyone who supported us!!

**Sidenote**   I was secretly hoping to do my next 5K two weeks after this one but a lovely ankle sprain later in the week put the kibosh on that.   July 4 (if I'm not working) is my next goal!                      

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pinewood Derby

The pinewood derby was a lot of fun this year. I, who does not love scouts, even had a decent time. Blaine and Garrett worked hard to build Garrett's car. Garrett did a lot of the sanding on his car. Garrett would sand, Blaine would paint. Garrett would sand, Blaine would paint. Blaine had to work the night of the derby but was able to get off in time to see Garrett's car race a couple of times. He had a pretty fast car and there were some really close races. There weren't very many cars this year, which made for a fast evening.

Here is Garrett's little pack. These are all the boys his age showing off their cars.
Garrett showing off his car. Look at that handsome kid (who needs a haircut!).

He took 2nd overall. Our friend Tyler made stands for each of the boys so they would have a place for their car to sit on. Another family in our ward made a plaque with each of the boys' names on it and the date of the derby. A very cool keepsake for the boys!

When kids dress themselves

Hannah and Ryan were most insistent about what they were going to wear one day.
Hannah: white fancy wedding-type dress
Ryan: red christmas socks, green "kilt" (hannah's skort), belt and hat.

While walking down the hall with Ryan after he was dressed, he tells me "I'm a boy. Not a girl." Glad you got that one down, bud. Even if you are wearing a skirt, ahem, I mean kilt! Haha!

Happy Birthday Blaine!

Ok, I know its the middle of April and I'm just now blogging Blaine's March birthday but that seems to be the way we roll lately!

Anyway, Blaine had a birthday on March 19. He had to work (boo-hoo) but the kids were so excited for his birthday and we tried to make it special for him. We took treats to his work early in the afternoon. We took chips and salsa and a vegi tray. He was very happy to get it and so were his co-workers!

At home, we scurried to clean the house and the kids each made Blaine a crown and a card. They were wanting him to wear their crowns at the same time. He was hardly in the door before all the crowns were on his head at the same time!

The birthday King!

Our friends, the Hopkins family brought a present for Blaine. It was HUGE caramel pecan rolls and cinnamon rolls, along with orange soda (Blaine's favorite) and mini Cadbury eggs. Yum!

Instead of cake, Blaine wanted Peanut Buster Parfaits. We did a home made version that was every bit as good as the DQ kind! The home made soft serve was so good, along with hot fudge and salty peanuts. They were about half the size of the DQ ones, which means they were just the right size!

My little pyro getting ready to light the candle.

Happy Birthday to my hunny!

The ice cream treats were a big hit with the kids.

They all devoured them!

Only a little taste of ice cream for baby, but he loved every bite. No chocolate though.
Blake + chocolate = puke = unhappy mommy

I hope Blaine had a great day! I love him so much and am so glad he was born!!
Happy Birthday Blaine!