Friday, June 26, 2009

Craters of the Moon

We took the kids to Craters of the Moon a few weeks
ago. Garrett is really into science stuff right now
and loved every minute of it. Especially the caves.
We got there in early afternoon and it was warm
and sunny. We had a picnic and then drove around
and headed to the caves. Right as we got to the caves,
it started to pour. It had been raining every day, so
we weren't too suprised. We just waited it out in the
car and when it let up some, we headed out.

Here is Blaine, Hannah and Garrett just getting ready
to go see the caves. Blaine has Ryan in a backpack
(in case you were wondering what was on his head).

This is inside one of the caves. It is actually a tunnel
because you can walk through and climb out the other
side if you needed to. The rain made it very slippery
in there.

Walking through the lava to the caves. It was still
raining some but the kids didn't care. They had a blast!
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Erica Thorson said...

What fun! I loved going there as a kid.

Hailey Jones said...

That is so cool!! That looks like it was way fun!!!