Friday, October 2, 2009


My kids love to watch cartoons. What kid doesn't? I still like cartoons like Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry, and the classic Disney with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Chip & Dale.

My kids like the new cartoons, but they are learning to love the old ones too. Tonight, I sat down with them and we watched some classic Mickey & Donald. My kids were laughing so hard. I was too, to tell the truth. I just love spending time with my kids and they loved this.

The old cartoons say things that you just can't get away with anymore, like:
Daffy Duck: "I can see where this moron is gonna give me trouble."

I know its not nice but that like made me laugh. I have somewhat of a twisted sense of humor. But, back to the classics. Does anyone remember Humphrey the Bear, Ferdinand the Bull and Lambert the Sheepish Lion? My parents even used to watch them. Ahhh...the good old days. And so, for your viewing pleasure here is
In the bag.

Well, I guess I'm just feeling nostaligic tonight but I think everyone should enjoy some quality time with your kids...doing things that help you remember the "Good old days!"


Beckie said...

I love it! First you pick it up - then you put it in the bag - bump bump bump--

Kristen said...

Hi guys! I just have to tell you that "In the bag" is one of my absolute favorites from my childhood!! I have even taught Emily and Joshua to sing that song when they clean up their toys! I have not seen that in years and years, and it was so fun to watch!! I hope you guys are doing great--we miss you!