Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ok. I know its the day after Halloween, but I just had to post pictures of my kiddos in their costumes. We had a busy week before Halloween. Garrett had his class party, we were in the spook alley for the school carnival, we did the trunk-or-treat dinner and my kids had their usual trick or treating and Halloween traditions with my family.

I made black and orange cupcakes for Garrett's class party this week. They decorated them in class. They were delicious, if I do say so myself. I got the recipe for them here.

Blaine was a mad scientist at the spook alley. I'm told he was the scariest thing in the whole spook alley. He had a live patient and there were some closet doors behind him that said "Corpse storage." There was another person under the table kicking the doors and yelling "Let me out!" That really creeped the kids out. Hehehe! (evil laugh). Thats the whole point of a spook alley, right?

This is Garrett. He was a mummy with an incredibly creepy mask on. He is in a coffin and then when people came to look at him, they weren't sure if he was real or not. Until he moved and creeped them out! I was also in the spook alley. I was a witch, of course!

It wouldn't be Halloween without some pumpkin carving. We had been so busy this week that we had time to do it on Halloween. The pumpkins were cleaned out (thanks to the mom) and then dad set to work carving the faces. I usually like to use the pumpkin carving books and carve something elaborate. There was no time for that this year, so we got traditional jack-o-lanterns. I loved them!

Here's the happy kids with the happy jacks!

All dressed up to go trick or treating! Hannah was a princess, Garrett was the mummy monster, Ryan was a monkey, I was a witch and Blaine was a Rastafarian.

Blaine and I had to go to the church to do the trunk or treat dinner so my kids went to Grandma's house and went trick or treating with Grandpa! Then the Brownies came while the kids were gone and left new pajamas and treats! The brownie tradition started with my great-grandmother. The brownies watch you all October and leave little treats for good deeds done. Then, on Halloween, they leave you presents, (i.e. toys, candy, games). My great grandma didn't like her kids to trick or treat-she looked at it as begging- so they had parties with all their cousins and the brownies would leave presents. This is one of my favorite family traditions! I'm sad to have missed it this year. My kids had a blast, though!


Saracide said...

Cute!! I heard Blaine busted out in song and dance at work the other day, LOL. Ron was crackin up!
That Brownie tradition sounds like fun, hehe. It's a good idea! :)

Hailey Jones said...

Too fun...looks like you guys had a great one! LOVE the costumes!

Cindy said...

i think i've been scarred for life because of scary stuff at spook alleys exactly like what you guys did. i will NEVER go in one again!

Jake and Krista said...

I love the witches night out party!
what a fun creative thing to do!

Jones Town said...

There were some high school kids that went through the spook alley and were unimpressed. They kept saying, "This is lame." The guy at the end looked at them and said, "Well, it is an elementary school carnival. What did you expect?" So, I guess some kids weren't scared. :0

Anonymous said...

It sounds like halloween was fun at your house. I felt like your Grandma. We did do our own party a couple of years but it never worked into a tradition. What a gruesome grandson I have! Didn't recognize him. Love Evelyn

Purcellville said...

hahahahaha I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blaine's photo couldn't stop laughing. Man I have some dang cute neices and nephews! Love you all!

Jenn said...

It looks like you had a great time! I love the costumes!!!