Friday, December 18, 2009

Seeing Santa

Tonight was our 11 year anniversary. To celebrate we went to dinner (with all the kids). Not very romantic, I know, but eh, we didn't mind. The kids were well behaved at the restaurant and I was happy I am feeling like I might not die this week. (I've had strep throat and today there are only 1000 knives cutting my throat each time I swallow-versus the 10,000 earlier this week. Antibiotics work wonders...) Anyway, at the restaurant, there was an elderly gentleman eating his dinner. He had a white beard and a Santa hat on. I told the kids, "Look! Santa's having dinner here too!" The kids had to jump out of their seats and look. Hannah was sure it was Santa. Garrett was pretty skeptical.
After dinner, we drove around town to look at the Christmas lights. We went past a house that was extremely lit up-lights were flashing, music playing, lots of movement. There were also people lined up in front of the house. We soon found out why-Santa and Mrs. Claus were there! So, we stopped and got in line. Tonight was a windless, mild evening with the temperature around 28 degrees. Quite pleasant by Idaho in December standards. Anyway-Hannah was so excited to "tell Santa what he is going to bring me." She heard him "Ho Ho Ho-ing" and said to me, "He is so happy!" She wasn't afraid at all. She got right up on his lap and told him all the princess things he would bring her. He gave her a big hug and a candy cane and then shook hands with Blaine and I and told us that Hannah just made his evening. Garrett and Ryan were less excited about Santa. (I think Garrett was but just wanted to be "big". Ryan wasn't so sure about the whole thing but did like the lights and music).
I haven't had much of the Christmas spirit lately but tonight kinda got me back in the mood for Christmas. The kids are so excited and are trying to be so good. Guess we'll just wait and see what Santa brings. Only 7 days to go!
Merry Christmas!!
p.s. Sorry no pictures of Hannah with Santa. It was just way to dark for my poor phone camera tonight!


Jenni said...

Sorry you've been sick. Strep throat is no fun. I should know, it's 3 times for me so far this year!! ;0) Your kids are adorable, and the Santa evening sounds like lots of fun! Christmas really snuck up on me this year, how about you guys??

Purcellville said...

Congrats on 11 years! I didn't know it was your anniversary! Hannah is so funny I just love her sense of humor. I love her so very much! I am glad you guys had a fun night! Love you all!

Beckie said...

Hehehe-- i can just hear her saying that- he is soo happy- love it!

Emily said...

ah, jodi, if only i had a recipe for such delectable treats :)

alas, we ordered the croissants from a french bakery in CA through williams-sonoma (a christmas splurge! but SOOOOO delicious!)