Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny Feet

Ryan is in copycat mode. He copies whatever anyone is doing. His other little quirk right now is that he likes to wear Hannah's dress-up shoes. Its funny to see this little man clip-clopping around the house in pink high heels!

Flip-flops and feet pajamas! Excellent!

Super cool glasses and those light-up flip flops again!
He even manages to get the shoes on the right feet!

Its a cute phase. I'm enjoying the laughs!


Beckie said...

Hehehe I love the feet pajamas and flip flops!! Gotta love it!! He is a secure little boy!!!

Purcellville said...

Oh little Ryan... what things are you going to teach Karston... I am VERY anxious to find out! So cute you are, and we just couldn't love you any more!!!