Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy & Me

Hannah and I had a girls day last week. We went and got mommy/daughter pedicures. The nail place we went to had a special kid's chair for pedicures. They played a Barbie movie while Hannah got her nails done. She got her fingernails painted to match her toes. It was very fun and very relaxing for me. (Click on the picture to check out our awesome toes!)

We came home and put "fae-wees" (fairies) up on Hannah's bedroom wall. A while back I bought these wallpaper cutouts that you stick up on the walls and can remove whenever without ruining the paint. Hannah thought it was very fun to stick them up all over her room. Definitly gives it a more girly feel in there. Hannah put these three together over her bed because "they are friends."

What a fun time Hannah and I had together! I hope that as she get older, she will continue doing mommy/daughter things together. Right now, at least, she still thinks I'm cool!


Beckie said...

oOH HER toes were too cute! She told me the painter girls did it!! Too cute!

Purcellville said...

Cute Cute toes! How fun!

Joanne said...

This is just the sweetest post! Mommy and me time sounds like so much fun!