Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bringing the Outdoors In

My house smells like pine. Yep, we got our Christmas tree last night and its a live one! I love the pine smell, though. It really gets me in the Christmas mood. I've already started vacuuming pine needles and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Last night was Garrett's 3rd grade Christmas concert. It was combined with the 4th grade. The place was packed. They did great. It was short and sweet. It was awesome. My parents came and afterwards we went to a new ice cream place called Kiwi Loco. I didn't even know that it existed (although its right up the street from my house)-shows you how much attention I pay to things. My parents know the manager, he lives in their ward. They invited him over for dinner last Sunday. Anyway, we went there and had some really good frozen yogurt. Its really fun because its all self serve.

Next, we went to find a Christmas tree. We went to Lowe's. Partly because I like their trees and partly because my brother-in-law Chet was working and I was secretly hoping he could get us a killer deal on our tree. He did! Thanks Chet! You rock!

They cut the ends of the tree and wrap it in this netting stuff to get it home. Its easier to tote around that way. Here is Blaine and the kids snipping the netting off-unleashing the beast.

Here is our gorgeous tree! It smells awesome. It is now a blank canvas for us to decorate tonight. The kids can't wait. I'm excited too! It will finally feel like Christmas at my house!


Beckie said...

Hoooray- Maybe he'llget me a tree too?

Purcellville said...

Ohh I am sooo jealous... I can't wait until I get to have a live tree again! Very Pretty!!!!

Jason said...

I love your blog, guys. I need to read it more often. You guys are seriously awesome.

PS - I'm gonna do my best to get your CD in the mail this week. We've got shows every evening, though, so it might arrive a bit after Christmas. Anyway.. Love you guys to death.

Cindy said...

oooh, it is a pretty tree -- perfect christmas tree shape.