Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blake's Blessing Day

We blessed Blake on September 18, 2011. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and crisp outside. Lots of family members came from both my family and Blaine's. As we walked to church I wondered where I was going to seat everyone for the dinner afterwards. It was feeling a little too chilly to eat outside as I had originally planned. By the time church was over, it was warmer and we were able to eat outside as planned. I know, I stress over little things. Although I have to say that I was way more laid back for this get-together than I have ever been. My friend asked if Blaine had secretly slipped something in my food to make me more relaxed and if so, could she have some too? Haha!

Here is the cute little man in his (borrowed) blessing outfit. So big and smiley. Thanks Terresa for letting us borrow the tux!

My cute littlest boys all ready for church. Ryan wouldn't be ready without a couple of trains in hand. And trains on his tie! (Side note: I don't like trains and have a irrational fear of them. My boys LOVE them!).

Family picture after church. Hannah is a good helper and loves holding Blake. She is the little mama.

Normally Hannah is surrounded by all boys-brothers and cousins. She gets so excited when girls come to play. Especially to play dress up. Here is Isabel, Hannah and Taylor in their dress up clothes. Hannah is wearing her blond Rapunzel wig. I like her better with her brown hair.

The babies like to play too. Here is Blake and Jayden just hanging out after everyone had left. Both are sooo mellow and smiley. Easy babies. I hope they stay that way.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped out. Huge thanks to my mom and Beckie who helped me TONS with the food! Love you all!


Beckie said...

wow - you are not behind at all on postss !hhehehehe!!

It was an awesome day- perfect weather- and I got to snuggle on the recliner and sleep even better!!

Hailey Jones said...

Blake is absolutely ADORABLE!!! You and Blaine sure now how to make cute kids! Hope you guys are doing well! Miss and love you all!

Purcellville said...

Beautiful day for a Beautiful (I mean Handsome) Little man!!!