Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ryan turned 3 on November 24. That was Thanksgiving this year. We went to my mom's house for an awesome feast. Poor Blaine had to work and he said he had the worst Thanksgiving dinner he has ever had. Worse than the year we had steak for Thanksgiving. That wasn't bad, it was just non-traditional. He said this was just bad food. Poor Blaine. He did get a few leftovers, though.

After the dinner, the kids and I came home to frost and decorate Ryan's birthday cake. I really hate making cakes. They give me anxiety. Ryan wanted a dinosaur cake this year. So I made the cake, cut it out and the kids and I proceeded to frost it. Try frosting a cake with 3 other frosting-covered knives trying to help. Lots of fun and messy. The dinosaur ended up being a brown, chocolate frosting, m&m, and mike & ike covered creation. And Ryan could not have been happier!

He loved his presents. All except one. We got him a game called Mr. Bucket. It looked fun and we thought he'd love it. It is a bucket that moves around the floor the tries to cover the top of the bucket with its hands. The object of the game is to try to get all of your colored balls into the bucket before Mr. Bucket spits them back out at you. Well, Ryan is terrified of this thing. Its great. The other kids love it at least.

So, some things about Ryan at age 3:
-he weighs about 30 pounds and still fits into 2T/24 month clothes with ease.
-he is also pretty short for his age. Porter is 9 months younger yet, they are the exact same size.
-he loves Thomas the Train. Anything Thomas. He can name all the trains, their colors and what they do.
-he likes to run. Fast.
-He is a tease and likes to make his sister squeal. How can you resist his big brown eyes and cute cheesy grin?
-he likes to jump. Like Jack be nimble.
-he loves his blanket. He takes it everywhere and sucks on the corners (totally grosses me out!).
-he is day time potty trained. We are working on the night time thing but his bladder still needs a little time to mature when he is sound asleep.
He loves nursery. He walks himself there every week and has been a great motivator for his friend Pierson to go to nursery as well. I'm not sure what Pierson is gonna do without Ryan next year.
-His speech is pretty dang clear and he can pronounce his "R's" really well. This is a good thing when your name is Ryan.
-He likes to play in the sand/dirt/water and be messy but he also likes to pretend to cook like mommy and daddy.
-He is a candy hound. He can sniff out any candy hiding spot.
Oh, I just love this little cutie! Happy Birthday little man! Hope you have a great year!


Beckie said...

The cake tunred out great!! and I love that last picture- what a cheese !!!

Purcellville said...

You did do a great job on the cake! We love that little Ryan! Sorry Blaine you really did miss a GREAT and YUMMY feast! We missed you though!