Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So my kids, like every other kid I know, like to take pictures with my camera. Lots and lots of pictures. Thank goodness for digital cameras! Anyway, it is often very humorous and insightful for me to go through the pictures.

There is always some train pictures. Here it looks like Ryan has lined most of them up with his brand new Cranky in the background. If he were to look at this picture now, he could tell you the names of each one of those trains.

Pictures also show me what they've been doing while I am doing something else. Here, it looks like Ryan has made his own hot chocolate on the carpet and Hannah is so very kindly documenting it.

My kids like to make tents or forts with chairs and blankets. This time it turned into their very own foto booth-like at the mall. I love that Ryan has his arm around Hannah.

They really do play well together-for the most part.

Now they are holding hands! So cute!

Wonder what is going through their heads right now?

The other thing they are big into is dress-up. Luckily for Hannah, Ryan is a willing participant in this game. Here's what he was dressed in the other day. So pretty!

So, there you go. A little glimpse into the daily lives of my kids. Two of them at least!


Beckie said...

I love it- the tent ones are precious!!!

Cindy said...

funny! insightful is the right word :)