Friday, November 28, 2008

Sleep Deprived

Ryan sleeping soundly during the day.

Garrett in his much hated mask, feeding the baby.

Hannah seems overjoyed about her new brother!

I am finally getting around to starting my blog, with Beckie's help. We are home from the hospital with Ryan and are trying to get into a routine. Blaine and I are both sleep deprived, although Ryan doesn't seem to have much trouble sleeping...all day long that is. Ryan was born on Nov. 24th at 7:22 pm, after I had worked most of my 4th twelve hour shift as an RN. Big brother Garrett and big sister Hannah were very excited for the new arrival but both have croup and colds. So, lots of hand sanitizer and masks for all!


Cindy Mantei said...

yay for new babies, and yay for starting a blog. i've been wondering if you would jump on the blog wagon soon.

good luck getting some sleep and getting everyone healthy.

Diana said...

Jodi, what cute pictures of your kids with their masks. You have such a cute little family. Congratulations on #3.

Jason said...

Hip hip hooray! Another round for the sleep deprivation party.

We should get together and not sleep. Oh wait, we're already doing that. :)

Love the blog.