Wednesday, December 3, 2008

still raking leaves

Garrett hard at work raking all those leaves.
Hannah would rather jump in the leaves
and scatter the piles all over.
So, even though it is December 3rd, we are still raking the leaves from our front yard. We only have two trees in our front yard, neither of which dumps the amount of leaves that are actually in the yard. Those are courtesy of our neighbor's row of cottonwood trees and the lack of raking done by our neighbors. Anyway, Blaine and I were out front this afternoon, starting to rake up this new mountain of leaves and suddenly two teenage boys walk up to us and say, "I see you have a lot of leaves. Would you like some help raking them?" I was very suprised but very willing to accept help. The boys, named Zack and Patrick, were hard workers and in about 15 or 20 minutes, our entire front yard was free of small task. I was so pleased and suprised to find there are such good kids out there. I paid them $20 apiece and they seemed suprised to be paid. They saved the day for us right then. Thanks guys!

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