Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My babies are growing up

Garrett, Ryan, and Hannah all ready for church. Hannah is saying "cheese".

Look at my cute smiley baby! He is 6 weeks old yesterday.

We took Ryan to church last Sunday and I took some pictures of my kids all dressed up. I just think they are so cute and are getting so big. Ryan is 6 weeks old as of yesterday. He loves to just lay and kick and loves you to talk to him. He is becoming very smiley. I love my cute kids but they are growing up so fast. Hannah is a firecracker and her spunky personality is showing more and more. She is very independent but don't try to get her to do something she doesn't want to. She will let you know. Every day we dress her but within a few hours, she is running around in nothing but diaper and undershirt. And she is usually walking around in my high heels as well. Oh well, as long as she has grown out of this phase before she goes to school. Garrett is in 1st grade and is so smart. He is very good at math and his reading is getting better everyday. His favorite subject is still lunch or recess or P.E. Sounds like a boy to me!


Beckie said...

That picture of ryan is Soo cute! Love it! You'll have to get his pictures done at Sears or whereve now that he has some personality! Good job on bloggin-- see how fun it is! Now we just need to convince Terresa

Jake and Krista said...

Ryan is so cute! I can't believe he is already 6 weeks old. It seem like I just heard you were pregnant! Cute cute kids!!

Hailey Jones said...

Wow, they are getting big! Too cute! Ryan wants to know if you named Ryan after him? Please say no or you will be cursed forever.