Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Small favors

My new best friend...for today anyway.

Thank Heaven for small favors. I'm trying to look at this in a positive light. So, this morning at 4:30 am, Ryan started waking up. I got up, gave him his pacifier and then I hear Hannah screaming for me. And by screaming, I mean she actually screams at the top of her lungs for somebody to come and get her up. So, I think I'm going to ignore her and just go get Ryan's bottle. I start down the hall and hear something...the sound of water, lots of it. It sounds like it is spraying from somewhere. I run into the kitchen and the entire kitchen is underwater as well as the laundry room and it is starting to eek into the dining area (carpeted). I run back down the hall and yell for Blaine to get up. He comes running out and shuts off the water. I take a second to survey the damage. The windows in our kitchen and dining area are all fogged over and I know there is water in the basement as well. Now both kids are screaming as well. Yea! Just what I hoped would happen at 4:30 in the am. We got both kids setted down and then set about the task of cleaning up. So, what happened is the tubing (pipe) for the hot water to the kitchen sink came undone (who knows how?) and thus flooded the house. I say thank Heaven fo small favors because (a) if the kids hadn't woke up, we wouldn't have heard the water, probably, until we got Garrett up for school. Our room is at the back of the house, down a LONG hallway and you can't really hear anything that is going on in the kitchen. AND (b) we have a downstairs kitchen with a large storage room next to it. It is directly below our upstairs kitchen. The water flooded straight down and went only on concrete carpet was wet downstairs. The water went into the storage room...came from above and below...and flooded the shelves on the left side of the room. We only had canned goods on that side, nothing that would be ruined. There is a lot of food down there that could have been ruined but wasn't because it was on the other side of the room. So, my wet-vac (carpet cleaner) is my new best friend today, along with the shop vac. :) The worst thing I think I'll have to deal with is a 2-year old who has been up since 4:30 am and won't go to sleep...CRANKY!
P.S. You won't see any pictures of me or Blaine cleaning up at 4 in the morning (in our robes) wasn't a pretty site!


Hailey Jones said...

Oh man!!! That is horrible! I am so sorry. I'm glad you were able to get it all cleaned up. I guess it could have been a lot worse eh? But still, it doesn't sound fun!

Beckie said...

Ooh that sucks! No fun at all! But at least you have clean floors now! A good way to look at it right! Damn water-- mine was frozen and yours was all over!

Cindy said...

jeez, that is a crappy thing to wake up to. thank goodness the food downstairs was spared.

on a lighter note, the link to the butterflies is

the caterpillars are ordered separetly, but they're only a couple bucks and i think they ship them no matter the temperature.