Thursday, April 29, 2010

Better Late Than Never

For the entire month of April, I had some really cute things to post. Then, our computer started acting up and wouldn't charge and ended up in the shop for some minor surgery and a new part (which was back ordered, of course). Anyway, I finally got my computer back and decided to
post our Easter egg pictures. Better late than never, eh?
We colored eggs the week prior to Easter because Garrett was spending the week of Easter (his spring break) with Blaine's parents in Burley.
Instead of boiling eggs and keeping them in the fridge, we blow the middle out and color the shell. You just poke a small hole in either end of a raw egg and blow.
And blow some more.
And you just keep blowing until all the yolk and white are out. Its easier if the yolk is broken before you do this. Also, try not to burst a blood vessel in your forehead (as Garrett looks like he is about to!)
Even little kids can do this. My kids had a great time! They had an even better time dyeing the eggs. We like to write our names or cute messages on the egg in crayon before you color it and then you can see who did which egg.
Growing up in cold Idaho spring, we used to dump our used dye in the snow drifts at our house. There was no snow this year when we dyed our eggs. The blizzard came about 6 days later! Gotta love Idaho!!!

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Beckie said...

And you didn't mention the pain your cheeks are in for the next few weeks!! Owe mine still hurt!1