Monday, May 3, 2010

Ryan @ 15 months

Ryan is almost 18 months old. We had his pictures taken in March. Our photographer was Lindsey Briggs. I found out about her from my sister. She did an amazing job with Ryan and was so patient. He didn't really want to hold still, so she followed him around and just snapped pictures the whole time. She got some really great shots of his "real" facial expressions. I plan to have her take our family photos in May (if it ever warms up!). You can take a look at some of her other work here.
I love this picture. It makes me laugh and gets one his "mean" faces. He's a pretty happy boy most of the time but when he is cranky, look out! That usually means it is time for a nap (like in the picture above!)

He is getting so big and has the longest eyelashes! At his last checkup he weighed in at 21 pounds, 6 ounces. (15th percentile). His height is 30 1/4 inches (also 15th percentile). He is my smallest of my kiddos. But, don't forget the huge noggin on this kid! Haha! 49 1/2 cm = 97th percentile!!

This is a view of him I see everyday. I love it! His communication skills are growing daily. His first real word was "Hannah" and his vocabulary includes but is not limited to, Garrett (hard to say), mom, dad, cat, up, more, woof, banana, no-no, car, yes, that, grandma and grandpa. He also says, "here kitty, kitty" and curls up his fingers to call the cat. He is pretty consistent at signing "please" and "thank-you" (the only two signs I have taught him). He will say phrases that will make you say, Did he just say that? I think he did but I'm not sure! Haha!

Ryan is up and running everywhere. He thinks he is as big as Garrett and Hannah. He has discovered the outdoors and begs to be out there every minute. He is a runner though, runaway that is. Our back yard is not enclosed by the fence and he has figured out ALL the escape routes (even the small opening on the edge of our shed). This little boy is going to make me finish the fence! He loves books, balls, or anything with wheels. If he can push it around, he's a happy camper! He's a fun, busy little guy and we just love him!


Hailey Jones said...

Oh my CUTE!!!! He still resembles the the baby Tarzan in Disney's Tarzan. I could just smoosh those little cheeks! Can't believe how fast he is growing up! Miss you guys!

Natalie said...

He is gorgeous!! I love his big brown eyes!! (I'm partial to big brown eyes. ;))

Beckie said...

I love him !! he is just too cute!! Just wait till he's showing porter all the escape routes!! Partners in crime!

Purcellville said...

Cuter every time I see him! I just love him bunches! Love all the pics and the easter eggs!

Cindy said...

your photographer did such a good job. celia will be happy, as she's who beckie found her through. you have a cute one on your hands.