Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Canning fool

I feel like I've been canning like crazy this summer and fall. And its not over yet. I have raspberries. So, I made jam. Earlier in the year, I made strawberry jam and syrup. (The syrup was an accident but it will taste awesome anyhow.) During the end of August, I bottled a total of 84 quarts of peaches!! That was divided by 4 people, who all helped, but still!

My sister-in-law Jenn went to Washington and brought us back boxes and boxes of peaches and pears. The peaches were huge! And so yummy! Here is one of the peaches in the box. It was ginormous!

It was dang near the size of my friend Lorna's head. Well, not quite but it sure seemed like it when we took it out of the box!

Our peaches turned out gorgeous. I love looking at my store room shelves and seeing bottles of yummy fruit to eat this winter. I especially love peaches and their season is short when you are eating them fresh.

One week later, I bottled 64 quarts of pears and made a batch of pear jam too! The pears were tasty and gorgeous as well. I love it when they are so white in the jar. The jam is divine as well. If you have never had pear jam, you must try some. It tastes like fresh pears. When my friends told me to try some, I thought it sounded gross but I have had a change of heart. Pear jam is my absolute favorite!

I'm not done canning, though. I was canning applesauce yesterday and have plans to do more. I bottled some mangoes earlier this summer too. I love the feeling of looking at my full shelves and seeing my hard work. It is really rewarding for me. So call me a canning fool. Yup, that's me. But, I'll be thinking of you as I eat my awesome fruit this winter!


Beckie said...

OOH ya-- nothing better than having full shelves of yummy fruit to eat-- while the other starve-- ooh ya-- bring on the end of the world! Ok-- just kidding!

Purcellville said...

Way to be Jodi! Thanks for letting us all use your house! Your the best! Maybe you should go PRO! HEHE!

Ryan said...

Hey I want to see a pic of the mangoes. I never thought of that....looks good.