Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago. She is the big number 4 now. I can't believe she is 4 already, although sometimes it feels like she is much older. When she was 2 or so, I took her in to the pediatrician's office for a well child check up. She looked up at him with her all-knowing eyes and he told me, "Wow! Look at her look at me with those all-knowing eyes. Makes her seem older than 2." I totally agreed with him. She is still that way most days.

Her birthday started off with a meowing surprise in the garage. My friend and neighbor had brought this little kitten over the night before as a gift for Hannah. I had no intentions of giving her a cat. We have 2 already. But, the second she saw this kitten, she knew it was hers. Forever. It is a little boy kitty. Hannah named him Jenny. I tried to tell her that this is a boy kitty and needed a boy name. Like Patches or Wolfie. (I really thought she'd go for Wolfie because she is really into the princess scene right now and that is the name of the boy cat on her Barbie Princess & the Pauper movie. No go.) So we now have Jenny, the tomcat. Although today as I write this, Hannah tells me that kitty is named Seraphina. (The girl cat from the same movie.)

Hannah went to dance and got to hand out treats to her classmates. She thought that was great fun. Then we came home and I had plans to bake her cake. My plans were to just do a simple 2 layer cake with pink frosting and candles. (The thought of decorating a cake gives me anxiety.) But in the end, we ended up with this princess crown cake. Its sad, I know. Thats what I get for a last minute idea. And whatever possessed me to place it on a plate that has edges with an incline, I'll never know. But, in the end, Hannah loved it and that is all that matters. I am not a professional baker and never will be but as long as my kids are happy then I'm happy. Those are sugar cookies around the edges decorated (with help from the birthday girl) with M&M's and Jolly Ranchers.

My family came over for Hannah's party that evening and she got lots of great presents from everyone! She is now well dressed and has lots of makeup and fingernail polish (thanks Beckie!) to go with it. Is giving a 4 year old makeup a good idea? We'll soon see! Anyway, Hannah also received this doll from Mommy & Daddy. She was one happy little girl that day. She has slept with that doll every day since. She got some awesome toys from Grandma & Grandpa and made a haul in money as well. Thanks everyone for the gifts and for your love and support on her special day!


Purcellville said...

Life just wouldn't be the same without little miss Hannah! Plus she helps me keep track of how long I have been married! :) Sure love ya kiddo! So glad you are in our family! Good luck with the makeup glad its you guys and not me!!!! :)

Emily said...

what a gorgeous cake!

we need to get out to idaho sometime to meet all these cute kiddos!

Beckie said...

Every girl needs makeup-- even if it is just lip gloss that smells like an icee! YUMM!

Hailey Jones said...

WOW!!! I can not believe she is 4! She honestly is such a little doll! I'm so glad she had such a great birthday! And your cake is AWESOME Jodi, you did a great job, so just accept it!

Jenn said...

Such a cutie!!!! And...Great job with the cake mom!!!! Way to go!