Friday, October 29, 2010

Slave Driver

Here is a picture I took a few minutes ago. It is my kids washing walls. They were both given sponges and sent to work on the artwork that has appeared on my walls. I believe the culprit is someone a little younger but these two were happy to do the work *wink wink*.

This one helped a little too but seemed to be more efficient when he was sent to vacuum with the play vac. I'm just sick of a messy house. My kids love Halloween and there are lots of fun things to do this weekend...if the house is clean. Slave driver, I know, but its the same with every holiday. Or if we go to grandmas. Or a friend's house. The house has to be clean first.

That way we can get on to more fun things. Like making this guy!


Beckie said...

Way to be-- Put Porter to work when he gets there!!!

Kris Purcell said...

Way to be a good Mom. It's good for the kids.