Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pre-Halloween Festivities

The couple of weeks prior to Halloween are filled with lots of fun stuff for my kids.

We went to the pumpkin patch with friends to pick out the best pumpkin! Hannah, Ryan and Pearson are riding in the wagon as we collect pumpkins!

Porter came too! Hey bud, I think that pumpkin might be too heavy for you!

They had a straw maze and another smaller straw maze for the kids to play at. Here's T.J., Creedence and Hannah being silly.

The pedal tractors were a big hit with my kids, especially Ryan. He didn't like having to take turns to ride.

They had this cute spot to take pictures. Unfortunately, it was facing west and the sun was shining right on it. The day was gorgeous, warm and obviously sunny. The kids could hardly look up for a picture.

Last weekend, while I was a work, Blaine took the kids to have a party with the Jones cousins. Blaine's sister threw a very fun party with lots of games and candy. In the picture above are:
Back: Gavin, JaNene, Jolynn, Shawn, Christopher, Jordan
Front: Brandon, Taylor, Hannah, Isabel, Ryan, Garrett

Hannah has powder all over her face from playing a game of eating a donut on a string. Next came bingo with candy pieces.

They carved pumpkins earlier in the day and I was told it was a VERY fun time!! Blaine's sister JaNene wrote a Shirlock Holmes mystery theatre type story for the adults to play. Blaine said it was very fun. What a talented sister!!

A few days before Halloween, we got together with the Purcell cousins to carve pumpkins. Here is Jayson and Garrett cleaning out their pumpkin.

Cute Kara hard at work cleaning out her ginormous pumpkin. Doug's was even bigger!!

Brent used a power tool to carve his pumpkin. Smart.

Ok. Very unflattering picture of myself. I obviously used a knife to carve my pumpkin.

Here are our cute glowing pumpkins. Mine is the little vampire to the far right. What a fun couple of weeks with family and friends. Lots of stuff to do leading up to Halloween. I'm exhausted by the time it gets here but we really have so much fun!!

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