Monday, January 10, 2011

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So, I took a little break from blogging. We have been busy through the month of December and January until now. Things have started to slow down and return to normal. But because I use this blog as a journal of sorts-you readers are going to get to see our December happenings now. Yipee!

On January 11th, Blaine and I were in charge of our ward's family Christmas party. We had a great committee that helped us so much! We had a sit-down dinner, family style with the food on the table, and had potluck desserts. The other ward in our building served us and we did the same for them the night before. We sat places for 250 people and every seat was filled! There was a short program and then Santa came.

Ryan was excited to see Santa until it came time to sit on his lap!

Garrett felt he was "too cool" to sit on Santa's lap but knew the only way to get a candy cane was to get up there. Hannah on the other hand, ran out of the room when Santa came. She actually stayed out in the car, watching a movie, for a little while until Santa was gone. Apparently he is "scary".

On December 13th, we farmed out our kids and took a quick, but relaxing, trip to Farmington Utah to see Blaine's cousin perform with his band Herod the Fink. It is just a 2-man band but oh so cool! Jason (left) and Jesse (right) put on a great show of very un-traditional Christmas songs.

Jason is sitting on a Rock Box (I'm probably not spelling that right). Its a box he sits on and depending on where he hits it with his hands, it makes the sounds of a drum set. Its much more portable and compact than a drum set and works really well in the in-home settings of the concerts these guys did. Thanks to Blaine's Aunt Renee for inviting us and letting us stay with her. It was great to have a night away from kids and real life!

December 18th was my 12th anniversary! Blaine, my dad, and my brother Doug worked hard to give me an anniversary/early Christmas present. It was exactly what I had asked for! New lights in my kitchen!!

I was at work and didn't have to see the mess. Just the clean kitchen and new awesome lights! Thanks guys! I love them!! My old lights in the kitchen were just 3 bulbs and the light socket had started to make the bulbs burn out every few days. Very annoying!

Christmas came to our house and it was great. The kids were excited to see their presents. I was excited that they slept in 1 1/2 hrs longer than they said they would! Shortly after opening presents, we got dressed and packed and left for Blaine's parents' house in Burley. The weather was gorgeous-clear and sunny! The roads were good too which was nice because then I could relax a little on the way down.

The kids had fun playing with cousins and we had fun seeing everyone there! Garrett had a great time playing with Christopher and his science kit. Here they are burning different elements to see what color it burns. I think these two will like chemistry class!

Ryan commandeered Grandma as always!

We headed back home the next day in stormy weather. The roads were not as great as they had been and I was nervous all the way. I've become kind of a nervous driver this year where before I never was. Its annoying. Anyway, we went to my parents' house and had dinner and opened presents. All my siblings and both my grandma's were there along with my aunt and uncle from California. Hannah pretty much commandeered Grandma Cook the whole time. Thats OK, though cuz they are two peas in a pretty pink pod together. (They have many of the same interests).

We had Doug and Kara's name this year. Doug got a survivalist book and some peanut M&M's and Kara got what you see above. She is wearing the apron that Beckie made for her. It is so cool and I'm jealous. I want one. I compiled all my recipes (easy to do thanks to my OneNote program), copied them with color pictures and organized them into a binder. Kara had asked earlier for my recipes and so I opted for the nerdy Christmas present and gave her my recipes. I couldn't think of any cool name so Blaine and I thought "Secret Family Recipes" was funny. We gave Blaine's sister Jolynn a copy as well along with another cool apron made by Beckie.

We had a great December and great Christmas. I am so glad they are done and we are well into the new year!


Hailey Jones said...

It's always so fun to see everyones Christmas traditions and travels! Thanks for sharing and glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

Jenn said...

It looks like you've had a great month or so!

Purcellville said...

I am glad you guys had such a great Christmas, Anniversary, and everything! I LOVE my cookbook I have already used it A LOT! So thanks thanks thanks!!!

Jason said...

I cannot tell you how awesome it was seeing you guys there for the Herod the Fink concert. Totally blew me away. Glad your season was a great one.. Ours was too.

Take care... Love ya.