Monday, January 24, 2011

Sledding in the Dark

We were invited to go sledding the other night. The kids were so excited. (Actually, we were invited to sledding twice that day but for some reason we turned down the first offer-in the daylight!) Instead we went to a park just up the street from our house and did a little sledding. It was very dark! All the kids loved going down the hill in the tube.

Hannah is riding down on Garrett's back, who is on Blaine's back. She was a little scared at first and would only go down the hill on her bum but after a forced ride with dad she was hooked! This picture was taken just prior to the last ride of the night. The tube popped on the way down the hill. It just couldn't take all that weight anymore! Haha!

Ryan was so excited to just be outside in the snow. It wasn't very cold, luckily so it was very enjoyable for all.

Here we are, just before one last ride. See how dark it is? Doug and Kara were with us and Kara took the picture. It is very difficult to take pictures in the dark. Never quite sure what you are going to get. Doug and Kara invited us sledding with some friends but their friends stood them up. So we went without them!

Hannah couldn't leave before making a snow angel!


Hailey Jones said...

Your family is just too cute!!! How fun..sledding in the dark! We too love sledding! Great family fun, right? Hope your new year is off to a great start!! We miss you!

Jess said...

Looks like alot of fun!!! We might have to try it sometime!!

Purcellville said...

Thank you guys for a yummy dinner afterwards! We had a great time! We love doing stuff with you guys!!!

Jenn said...

How fun!!!! It looks like you really had a great time!

Beckie said...

OH it looks cold!! Isn't that the nature of the beast!!!

Cindy said...

cute family pic in the dark. and funny to sled in the dark too.