Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big 'Ol Pile

When you have a big pile of sand dumped in your driveway, there is no way you can keep kids out of it. Garrett and his friend, Topher went out to play basketball. The last thing Garrett asked me was, "Can we play in the big pile of sand?" I said "No." Little good that did.

"Hi Mom. We got in the sand." I see that.

"Mom! Look at these huge holes we dug in the sand. This is awesome!"

Hey Ryan, whats in the trunk of that Barbie bike? Sand, of course!

I knew there was no way to keep them out of it. They will be sad to see it go. Not far though, just tilled into the garden. I hope we can get that accomplished before the cats look at it and think "That's a huge litter box!"

1 comment:

Beckie said...

Me and Porter both had to shower off sand- I don't know how I got so much on me- but I was covered!!! Gotta love sand mounds?!!!