Thursday, May 5, 2011

Egg Head Update

So here is a little update on our Egg Head People that we made prior to Easter. They had a slow start because of a little over-watering problem from some helpful children. Also, I blame no sun for weeks on end. They are getting going now, although I have sprinkled a little more seed in them to give a boost.

Some eggs are going strong, others are just getting started, some are still waiting. Its been fun for the kids to watch and check them each day!

Ironically, the "baby" egg has the most hair and Ryan's egg (my child with THE MOST hair) has none. This little guy has a small crack across the front, which is the only egg that does. These egg shells are incredibly strong.

Note to self: Use waterproof markers to draw faces next time. If you spill the water at all, their face wants to run. The kids have to re-draw their faces on the eggs.

This has been really fun for the kids and they are just waiting until they can "cut" the hair. "Baby" might need a trim soon!

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Beckie said...

To cute- go baby go! Maybe its foreshadowing to the ton of hair this kid might have!