Friday, August 5, 2011

10 days old

Yesterday my sister Beckie came over and we took some pictures of Blake. He was 10 days old. He pretty much hated every minute of it. See that look on his face. It says "Somebody save me!"

He just really hates to be naked. He is so skinny that he gets cold fast. Get a little food in his belly and a warm snugly blanket and he goes right to sleep. But first he must pee on mom. Twice.
We did get some cute shots of him just being content. Like this one. He is very strong and wiry, though so you have to move fast before he wiggles himself out of the spot.

He was pretty content for this picture. My little angel baby checking out his fingers.
Blaine was a good sport and took care of the other two hooligans while Beckie and I posed Blake. He even did Porter's hair in two pigtails. Very cute!
Thanks Beckie for coming over and bringing all your cute stuff with you!

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Purcellville said...

SOOOO cute! I love the 3rd one! He needs to get some fat on those bones skinny little guy! Love him. Can't wait for this cold to get over so I can come snuggle and smooch on him LOTS and LOTS!!!