Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hannah: The Artist

Hannah loves to draw. She has a sketch book completely full of drawings. At church, there are no toys in the diaper bag, only pencils and paper. Garrett will build things like dioramas and fly traps (you know those things where you pick a number and a color and find out your fortune inside) but Hannah covers every inch of her paper with pictures. You can tell what she is thinking about and what her mood is. Below are some examples of her work.

She always explains what her picture is. Here is Hannah (far right) with Blaine, me and Blake and the cat. Happy Family-no brothers except the baby. :)

Here is a complicated picture. Here is the explanation in clockwise order. Top center with the scary look on their face is me (in a bad mood obviously). I am yelling at Garrett for not practicing the piano. Next is Hannah, happy because she is holding Blake. Next comes the cat (Hannah loves the cat) and then there is Blaine who is happy because he is making dinner.

This one is Princess Hannah with her king daddy, Blaine.

Love these pictures, even the middle one. Love that sweet little artist!


Purcellville said...

Those are super cute! Good job miss Hannah! We love you too! ge

Tobler Bunch said...

There is nothing like creativity, and freedom of self expression through art. We have one of these artists at home too! Love it!