Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Blaine!

Ok, I know its the middle of April and I'm just now blogging Blaine's March birthday but that seems to be the way we roll lately!

Anyway, Blaine had a birthday on March 19. He had to work (boo-hoo) but the kids were so excited for his birthday and we tried to make it special for him. We took treats to his work early in the afternoon. We took chips and salsa and a vegi tray. He was very happy to get it and so were his co-workers!

At home, we scurried to clean the house and the kids each made Blaine a crown and a card. They were wanting him to wear their crowns at the same time. He was hardly in the door before all the crowns were on his head at the same time!

The birthday King!

Our friends, the Hopkins family brought a present for Blaine. It was HUGE caramel pecan rolls and cinnamon rolls, along with orange soda (Blaine's favorite) and mini Cadbury eggs. Yum!

Instead of cake, Blaine wanted Peanut Buster Parfaits. We did a home made version that was every bit as good as the DQ kind! The home made soft serve was so good, along with hot fudge and salty peanuts. They were about half the size of the DQ ones, which means they were just the right size!

My little pyro getting ready to light the candle.

Happy Birthday to my hunny!

The ice cream treats were a big hit with the kids.

They all devoured them!

Only a little taste of ice cream for baby, but he loved every bite. No chocolate though.
Blake + chocolate = puke = unhappy mommy

I hope Blaine had a great day! I love him so much and am so glad he was born!!
Happy Birthday Blaine!

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