Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pinewood Derby

The pinewood derby was a lot of fun this year. I, who does not love scouts, even had a decent time. Blaine and Garrett worked hard to build Garrett's car. Garrett did a lot of the sanding on his car. Garrett would sand, Blaine would paint. Garrett would sand, Blaine would paint. Blaine had to work the night of the derby but was able to get off in time to see Garrett's car race a couple of times. He had a pretty fast car and there were some really close races. There weren't very many cars this year, which made for a fast evening.

Here is Garrett's little pack. These are all the boys his age showing off their cars.
Garrett showing off his car. Look at that handsome kid (who needs a haircut!).

He took 2nd overall. Our friend Tyler made stands for each of the boys so they would have a place for their car to sit on. Another family in our ward made a plaque with each of the boys' names on it and the date of the derby. A very cool keepsake for the boys!

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