Sunday, May 27, 2012

What we've been up to...

Although I haven't posted for a while, we are still alive and thriving.   Here some of the things we've been up to.

1.  I had a birthday.   Yup, a few weeks ago.  I had to work that day but I had one of the best days at work I've ever had.  I worked with awesome folks and we had a potluck with lots and lots and lots of food.  It was awesome!   My wonderful husband made me dinner of ham and baked potatoes and we had a birthday brownie and a candle to blow out.  It was awesome.  Here is proof:

2.  We've been doing lots and lots of yard work.  If you've seen my yard, you will understand why it dang near kills us each spring.  We LOVE our yard, the one our sprinkler guy affectionately calls our park.  We've been mowing and weeding and digging and pruning and spraying and mowing some more.  Now that its rained for 2 days solid, I'm sure we'll have more mowing to do.  Its okay, though.  I love my yard!  

3.  My baby turned 9 months old.  And then he turned 10 months old!   Wow!  Time sure flies but we are having a blast.  At his 9 month checkup, he weighed 20 pounds, 5 ounces and was 29 inches long.   He is such a happy baby-a total sanity saver some days.  He is a good sleeper, sleeping through most nights.  If he wakes up, he wants to be fed a bottle, put back down in his crib and he is out 'til morning.  He is a good eater but favors green beans (just like his siblings) and likes peaches, pears and applesauce.  He loves to feed himself and often I have to give him his own spoon to hold while I feed him from another.  He also loves yogurt and bread.   The other day he found Porter's sippy cup with milk in it.  I think he liked what he tasted there.   He is not really attached to his bottle or pacifier but enjoys both when he is real tired.  (I have high hopes of being able to wean him from both of those easily).   He is a mover.  He does a fast army crawl and is up and down our living room steps in a flash.  He is all over the house, cleaning the carpet if you haven't already.  We vacuum 2-3 times/day around here, depending on our activities.  He loves his daddy.   He gets so excited when he walks in the door!   He has 4 teeth.  2 on top with a big space in between, 2 on bottom.  So sharp!!

4.  Hannah had her dance recital.  She did awesome!  I'll post the videos later but here is a sneak peek at my cute girl!

5.  Garrett finished 4th grade.  He got all A's and B's and did awesome!   He had a fun year with a great teacher.  He was even the director for his play about Lewis & Clark (his class' Idaho History Project).   He is very inventive and had a lot of fun the the robotics club this year as well.   After the last day of school, he came to me and said, "Well, I made it to 5th grade."   I asked him, "Did you have any doubts?"   He said no and I agreed.  He's such a smart kid!

Anyway, that's a little bit of what we have been up to.  I am excited that school is out and we can have some summer adventures!!

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Beckie said...

OOh that pic of Blake kills me- its ike a baby Blaine sitting there- hair all combed!!! Loved it!