Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hannah's dance recital 2012

Hannah just finished another year of dance.   She did so well this year but was ready for summer to be here and have a was mom.   Here is a video of one of her dances at her recital.   She is on the back row, center frame in this one.

She did awesome but I was worried.  During each of her dances, her curly hair piece kept trying to fall off.  We talked about what you do if it does fall off but luckily we didn't have to go there.   Her natural hair is just so long and thick, it makes the hairpiece not want to stay on.

Here is another video.   Same spot, back row, center frame.

Okay, last one.    She is on the front row of this one.   I don't think her hair tried to fall off as badly here and maybe I'm the only one that noticed but it was making me nervous!

I am so proud of her!  She had fun and has a great teacher!   Afterwards, all the dancers get a trophy and we make sure to bring Hannah flowers.  My mom brought her a rose too!  She was so excited to receive flowers (what girl isn't?).

Hannah was so happy to have her flowers and trophy.  Ryan is helping her show it off.    I went to snap one more picture of Hannah and this is the picture I got:

Totally cracks me up!   Little cheeser!

What a great dance year for Hannah!   Can't wait until next year!

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Beckie said...

Oh those pics crack me up especially the last one-- ryan - heheheh!! Hannah does so good in dance!! Love to watch her!