Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Blaine and I had Memorial Day off together this year.  A first in a long, long time.   We decided we wanted to take the kids on a hike and have a picnic together if the weather was nice.  It was a little chilly that day but we went anyway.  We went to the Heise area and did the little Cress Creek Hike there.  It was perfect and very kid friendly!

Blake loved being in the backpack.  He could see what was going on and just hang out!

              There are lots of scenic views along this hike, as well as benches, 
                picnic tables and signs showing points of interest.
 The trail is not super steep and the first part of it is paved and totally handicap accessible.

 The views are awesome.  You get to see the Snake River Valley and all the fields and the river, along with mountains in the background.

 There is a creek that runs through the hike (Cress Creek) and the water is not super cold and filled with watercress.  It grows year round according to the sign.

 After the hike we went to Heise to have a picnic with our friends the Hopkins family and their friends, the Hansens (I think I got that right).   We ate and then the kids did some rock climbing.  Ryan is all harnessed up and ready to go!

The dads are putting on some special climbing shoes.

 Look at him go!   He didn't go very far up.  This was his first time but he did great!
 Next was Garrett's turn.  He has done this before and loves it.

 No fear.  He climbs like a pro.

 He seriously climbed right up the side of the rock wall.  He appeared to be fearless.

 He made it to the top and touched the ring!   So exciting!   Now the scary part.  Coming down.

Here he is, in perfect position to descend.  It was very scary for him, though.   Kevin was holding the rope and talking him through it.   He was so good and helpful but in the end, Garrett was just too scared and a little tired, I think.  Tyler went to the top to try to help coach him down but he ended up climbing back up and walking down.   We are so proud of him, though!   I am proud of his strength and courage.  Next time, we will conquer the descent!   

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