Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Garrett!

Man, I am getting so behind in my posts.  Anyway,  we celebrated Garrett's birthday on June 27.  He turned the big 1-0.  Yep, 10.  My baby is 10.  WAAA!

Garrett is such a good kid and had a fun day.  To start the day off, he went to Krupp Scout Hollow for day camp with his cub scout troop (which also includes all of his friends).  Handy, eh?  No need for a party, he got to run, jump, climb, shoot BB guns and lots of other fun stuff with his friends all day long.  

When he got home, he set to work decorating his birthday cake.  I made it to his specifications:  chocolate cake in a rectangle pan, chocolate frosting.   He would decorate with Legos.  See below, the finished product all done by Garrett himself.  Well, I wrote on it but Garrett probably could have done a better job!  LOL!  Cakes are not my forte.
Can you read what it says in Legos?

Garrett got this shirt for his birthday, totally cracked us up!

Garrett wanted a tent of his very own for his birthday, so we delivered.  He was very excited and such a good sport after we tricked him, telling him that he was just getting a birthday card from us.  

He set to work setting it up, right away.  He even slept in it that night.  Its a nice little tent and should last a while if he treats it nicely.   The best part is he can set it up by himself!  Yippee!

Next came singing and blowing out candles.   Garrett was Mr. Independent (aka: pyro) this year and lit his own candles.  He was able to blow them out in one breath!  Go Garrett!  

My big boy is going to be in the 5th grade this year!  He loves to build things with legos, loves to draw and build his drawings.  He loves to work on the farm with grandpa and is a great helper around the house.  He is our chief lawn mower here and is a good babysitter to his siblings.    He is a tenderhearted boy with a good head on his shoulders.  His smile is infectious and we love this kid!!!


Beckie said...

You forgot the part about Darby falling through the tramp!!! And saying "Shoot"!Hahaha!!

Jodi said...

Lol! I totally forgot about that! The kids were jumping on the trampoline and Darbie was jumping with them and then the trampoline just ripped open. Crazy! Oh well, what do you do? :)