Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

We took a trip to Bear Lake earlier this month.  We went with our friends, Tyler and Jessica Hopkins and their 5 kids.  We do a lot of things with them because our children are basically the same age and they play together really well.   Anyway, I love Bear Lake and was really excited to go.  We camped in the mountains and played at the lake-the best of both worlds!   On the way to Bear Lake, we stopped at a little town called Georgetown for a potty break.  There was a little park there with very cool toys.  Toys my kids hadn't ever seen.

Remember these things?   Ryan and Pearson loved them.  They are the rocking/springing horse things.

Ryan and Pearson also were very fond of the car swings.  They wanted to go HIGH!

But the best of all was this-they had a merry-go-round!   There are no parks near us that have a merry-go-round.   The kids loved it!  I even rode it a little but my head can't handle the spinning round and round like it used to.  Haha!

All the kids hopped on for a ride and Tyler pushed them very fast.   They loved it!  Guess the safety nazi's hadn't visited this park yet.  Love it!

Saturday we went to the lake.  The weather was perfect and the kids loved it.  Blake loved playing on the beach in the shallow pools.  Actually all the kids did.  Blake is my water baby.  He did not mind the cooler water in the lake one bit.  Blaine and I took him out there to float around with us and he splashed and splashed and then fell asleep in his floaty toy!

We brought our snorkel stuff as well.  Garrett (L) and Topher really like using the snorkel gear.  The water was not quite as clear as it has been in the past because there were so many people at the lake but it was still fun anyway.

Off they go!

Miss Hannah playing in the sand and sandy water.  The water in these little pools was bathtub temperature.

Proof I was there!

Happy Baby!

When we got to the lake, we found a parking spot and a spot on the beach.  Blaine started taking stuff down from the car and I look down to see him talking to a guy on the beach.  Soon, a lady walks up and is talking to them.  I look again thinking, that looks like Grant and Erica (Blaine's sister).  Yup, it was.  They were there with Grant's family.   What are the odds?

Blake in his death jacket.   Ok, its a life jacket but babies hate them and think you are trying to kill them while you are putting it on them, I'm sure.

Tyler and Jess brought her family's canoe.  The kids had fun going out in the canoe.  Blaine and Tyler went out with Garrett and Topher and swamped them.  Then, they taught them how to get back in if that happens. Its a good learning area there because they could still touch bottom if they needed to.

On the way home we stopped for another potty break in Paris, Idaho.  We stopped and took a tour of the tabernacle there.  It is a beautiful building with lots of history.

The inside is gorgeous and has a beautiful pipe organ with wooden pipes.  During the week, the organist gives a recital and tells about the organ.

The builder of the building used to be a shipbuilder.  This is the ceiling.  It is shaped like an upside down hull of a ship.  Very cool.

We stopped for lunch and to see the geyser in Soda Springs and played at a park there.  Saftey nazi's had not been there either because they had 2 merry-go-rounds!  This one is set at an angle so as you come down, you speed up.  I rode it with Blake for a little bit.  Here he is loving it.  Me, trying not to puke.

They had teeter-totters there too!   So much fun!  The kids loved them!   Finding the right weight balance was interesting, though.   See the three Hopkins kids on the green one?

 Here are the dads on the other end, balancing the kids out!

Seriously a fun toy.  I used to love them.   There are no parks around here with these either!

We had such a fun time camping and playing with our friends.  So glad we went and can't wait to do it next year!!!


Beckie said...

gotta love old school toys!!! What has the world come to!!!

Oh well- glad you had fun!

Purcellville said...

So fun! We need to do another family vacation to Bear Lake again! Happy late birthday to Mr. Garrett! Sounds like he had a great day!

Cindy said...

when we had our family reunion in june we stayed at a place right across the street from the paris tabernacle. there was a park right behind the tabernacle with ANOTHER merry go round. the safety nazis must not ever go to rural idaho.

p.s. you look great! beckie's been telling me about all your hard work. keep it up :)