Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Day of School 2012

So, I'm only a month behind posting things.  That's how things seem to go lately.   Anyway, the kids started school again on August 27, 2012.   I was working that day so Blaine did the first day of school duties, including getting the requisite pictures.  

 Garrett is in the 5th grade this year.  Wow!  Time flies!   I love to get pictures of them with their backpacks loaded down with all their school supplies.  In years past, he had to lean forward to keep from falling over from his huge back pack.  Not so much this year.  He is getting so big and is such a great kid.   
He wasn't too excited for school to start this year because his group of friends wasn't going to be at school with him this year.  One of his friends is being home schooled, two go to a different school and another was in a grade below him.  He was really nervous about getting a new group of friends to hang out with at school.

 (Love the hair, eh? )  
No worries, though.  He is having a great year, likes his teacher, his buddy Topher moved from 4th grade to 5th grade and he has a good group of friends to hang out with.  He has even discovered that he loves to play football.  (Heaven help us!)

 Miss Hannah started kindergarten this year.  She was so excited to start school.  She goes to afternoon kindergarten and has an awesome teacher.   She also had a friend in her class that she knew already so it made her not feel quite as nervous.   Look at her huge backpack.  She also had a grocery bag full of school supplies too!

 Hannah is also enjoying the school year, loves school and loves playing with her new little friends at school.  Ironically, her bestest little friend is the daughter of a boy who lived across the street from us growing up.  (If you can follow that).  Small world.

I am enjoying the school year, getting back into a schedule and a normalized rhythm of things.  It makes me happy that my kids are such good kids, have great friends, great teachers and are loving school!

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Beckie said...

gotta love the school year huh-- well some things about it any way!!!