Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow fun

Garrett and Hannah with cousin Isabel on the sleds.

Garrett and cousin Brandon after being dumped off the tubes.

Blaine and Jodi just back from a 4- wheeler ride.

The day after Christmas we went to visit Blaine's parents in Burley. The kids had fun playing with their Jones cousins and playing outside in the snow. Even the big kids (me and Blaine) went out and played. There were 4-wheelers pulling sleds and tubes and Blaine's sister Jolynn and her husband Mike brought the snowmobile out for rides. It was fun but the wind was blowing and made it bitterly cold. Hannah and Jolynn's daughter Isabel rode on the sleds for a long time. Blaine's sister Rachelle pulled them behind the 4-wheeler around and around the house. Those girls did not want to come in the house. They looked so cold but every time we asked them if they were cold, they just shook their heads no. Brave little souls. Good times, good times.

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