Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My nike mini

So, I finally posted my little mini as you can see. Obviously I haven't had my nike sensor for very long and I'm not much of a runner as you can see by my times. But I enjoy walking and am hoping to get faster. My sister Beckie wants me and my mom to do a 5K this summer. That is fine but I don't want to be dead last. I need to find one they call a 5K walk/run. That way I can do some of both. Now, for all you runners out there, I know you are thinking "5K is nothing! What a wimp!" and you would be right but remember I'm a beginner and it should only get better for me. Anyway, having the nike mini is just a fun way for me to see my progress. Makes me feel better!

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Beckie said...

I love it-- she's moving pretty good! Good for you! Keep going! Pretty quick you can do 1/2 marathons with Chy -- wouldn't that be fun! next year for sure I'll do something ambitious! All 5k's are walk run I think?