Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Day

The roses Blaine gave me.

Ryan...2 1/2 months old!

Garrett and Hannah checking out their valentine's candy I left for them.

I had to work this Valentine's Day but it was still great, just the same. I left boxes of candy for the kids to find when they got up. Work was busy, as always, but I managed to get off pretty much on time. I came home to a clean house, dinner on the table and gorgeous roses in the center of the table. He wrote me the sweetest love note too!! We ate (he made baked potatoes and pork of my new favorite meals) and then I changed and we went to the ward adult Valentine's party. They took pictures and had a dance. It was very fun. Something that I thought was funny, though was at the refreshment table, they had lots of little goodies set out. On either end was a dish of Dove chocolates. So, I picked one up as we were strolling onto the dance floor. The chocolate was good but it tasted like coffee. Hmmm...interesting at an LDS event to have coffee flavored candy. Oh well, it was good anyway. So we stopped to talk to some friends and I looked at the wrapper on the candy. It was tiramisu flavor. Ok, I love tiramisu...thus the coffee flavor. They had another dish with chocolates from Dove...bananas foster flavor. Yummy! It tasted great but cracked me up because bananas foster is made with rum. The two flavors they picked were funny to me because of the type of party we were!


Hailey Jones said...

I think that is hilarious about the candy! Did someone spike the punch too? Looks like a fun Valentine's day for you guys! I can not believe how stinkin cute your kids are! Do you just kiss Ryan's face off every day? He has one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen on a baby! Love it!

Beckie said...

Love the flowers- That's funny about the chocolates Nasty nasty coffee! Uhg! I hate that tiaramasu(sp?)