Monday, April 6, 2009

Monster Trucks

The dino eating a car. No fire in this pic but it usually
had flames coming out his nose.

Blaine & me, Brent & Terresa

Garrett, Jayson & Remi wearing their ear protection.

So, in true redneck tradition, we went to see Monster Trucks on saturday. We took Garrett and went with my brother Brent and his wife Terresa and their kids Remi and Jayson. My aunt Jerri and her friend's little girl, Lexie were also sitting with us. The kids were so excited to go. I have admit, we went last year and I enjoyed it as well. Garrett has been talking about it for the whole year. So, we went to eat at Golden Corral prior to the big event. Ever been there? The name suits. There are no booths, only tables and they pack the people in so tight you feel like part of a herd of cows moving around. The food is decent, though. I just hate being so close to all those people. Blaine was great and made trips to the food area to get me things...I didn't want to wade through all the people. One funny note-we stopped in the restroom at the restaurant to do our business. I washed my hands and decided to use the air blower hand dryer instead of paper towel. I turned it on and just started laughing my head off. First, it was so noisy-reminded me of jet airplane engine. Then, I put my hands underneath. I'm suprised my hands are still attached to my arms. The air was blowing so hard it made the skin on the palms of my hands ripple. Now thats power! Anyway, we got the to Monster Trucks and found our seats, which were awesome! 1st and 2nd row. We put the kids on the front row and the adults just behind and we could see everything. It was a good time. They had a car-eating, fire-breathing dinosaur and the monster trucks all were totalled by the end of the show. It was great. They did do some motorcross races in between the trucks and that got old by the end. They had some 4-6 year old kids on 50 cc bikes. They were so cute and could hardly make it up the hills! Anyway, we had a great time and I'm sure the kids will be talking about for another year!

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