Friday, April 3, 2009

New Floor!

Kitchen/laundry room floor before

Kitchen/laundry room after

Entryway -after (sorry no before pics)

So after our flood in February, the floor warped and it became an uphill climb to the dishwasher. After talking with our insurance (why by the way are GREAT!!!) we got an estimate and looked into getting some new floor for the kitchen, laundry room and back bathroom. My brother recently put some stuff in his house called Flex and I really liked it so we checked it out. We decided to go for it and the guys came yesterday and today. It is done now and looks awesome! I can't wait until Blaine comes home and we can put the fridge and dishwasher back, along with the washer and dryer. It is so exciting to get new things. We put some of the same stuff, a slightly darker color, in the front entryway as well. I am so excited, can you tell? We are lucky to have a basement kitchen that we could live out of for a couple of days but I'm ready to be back upstairs. Yippee!!


Hailey Jones said...

I LOVE the new floor!!!! That really is pretty! I bet you are in heaven?? So is flex like tile?

Jake and Krista said...

It looks really nice! It is always fun to makeover things like that!

Beckie said...

It looks soo much more updated - welcome to the year 2009 !!