Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Cookies

Our "painted" cookies...a little stretched out after
the cookies deflated but still cute and edible!

Blaine, Hannah & Garrett painting the cookies.

Garrett hard at work to get his cookie just right.

Hannah painting with red...she painted almost
all her cookies red. (Closest color to pink!)

So, this year I have to work Easter and we have been super busy right up until now. I don't think we will even dye eggs this year (sad, I know) but I decided we should make some Easter cookies and paint them. I got new Easter cookie cutters that I wanted to use. I made some sugar cookie dough, rolled it out and cut out the cookies. Then, the kids and Blaine and myself got to paint the cookies. Then you bake. We used to paint cookies when I was growing up and I thought it would be fun with the kids. The "paint" is just egg yolk mixed with very little water and food coloring. It makes really vibrant colors. You just paint your cookies however and bake. Then you can eat them and they are already decorated. The cookies I made were good but puffed up when when they deflated, the colors cracked. Next time, I'll try a shortbread cookie that doesn't puff. They tasted good anyway and the kids had a blast! I think Blaine even had fun! :)


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Beckie said...

Loved the cookies- It hink they were better than regular sugar cookies!!!

Cindy said...

that's a great idea. we'll have to try that sometime -- we're always looking for little projects. i might cheat and get pre-made cookie dough :)

your nike girl is so sad. she even tattled on you and said how long it had been since your last run!

Hailey Jones said...

What FUN cookies! You are so domesticated!!:) I wish we lived closer to each other, you guys are too fun! Hope you guys had an awesome Easter!