Thursday, May 7, 2009

My little helpers

My little helpers with Grandma Great.

Hannah-doing her part.

We live just around the corner from my Grandma Purcell. I love this and so do my kids. They have gotten to know her very well and feel comfortable at her house. She is known for her hard work and honestly, up until a year or two ago, could out-work us all! She still stays busy and has a gorgeous yard. Sometimes my kids go over to help her in the yard. (Really, she's usually helping my by letting them be there while I go Visiting Teaching or to a meeting or something). Anyway, they helped her the other day to transplant flowers. It is so good for them to learn to work from the person who taught all of us.


Hailey Jones said...

Oh that melts my heart! It makes me miss my Granny! Isn't it so awesome for your kids to be close to their great grandma? Not many kids have that privilage.

Cindy said...

don't we all have stories/memories about working at gramma's house? it's great your kids get in on the action too.