Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Me and Garrett with my awesome flowerpot!

My cute little coupon mommy.

Garrett brought home his mother's day gift yesterday. They made it at school. He has been so excited about it he has been bursting, trying to keep it a secret. He wanted me to open it yesterday because the gift needed some attention. It was wrapped in a white paper bag with "I Love Mom" written all over it. On the front was a cute little paper mom and her apron lifted up and had coupons for me. They were written in poem form and were so cute! They were for things like 2 hugs, taking out the trash, singing me a song, or picking up the living room floor. I loved it! Then, inside the bag was a flower pot with a marigold in it. The pot was personalized and said "I love mom" and "2009". He had colored it orange! I love it! Presents from kids at this age are straight from the heart and they want so hard for you to be happy when you get them. I am going to keep these forever.


Beckie said...

Ooh soo cute! Gotta love the coupons!! Happy Mother's DAy!

Kristen said...

How precious! Your kids are adorable, and it is fun to see how you guys are all doing! I have to say the video of Hannah dancing was awesome. I loved it! We miss you guys too!!

Hailey Jones said...

So sweet! That is what Mother's Day is all about, right? Sounds like you had a good one! Happy Mother's Day!