Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bear Lake

We went to a Blaine's family reunion at Bear Lake a couple of weeks ago. I had never been there and was amazed at how pretty it is. I was surprised to see that the water is blue...blue like the Caribbean. I had been told that it was a great place for kids because it was so shallow for a long ways out but I just didn't know what to expect. We situated ourselves on a little sandbar in front of the lake and got ready to play. Usually there is a huge beach that you walk through to get to the lake but the water is really high this year. My kids pretty much lived in their life jackets and in the shallow part of the water but Garrett rode the tubes and the water wienie too.

Hannah wasn't too sure about the water at first and would only play in the sand. But after a "talk" with Aunt Jenn, she was right in there with the rest of the kids.

Grant and the kids made a sand sculpture...a sea turtle. It looked just like Crush from "Finding Nemo." The kids thought this was the coolest thing! You can see our sandbar...to the far left is the parking lot, then some marshy overflow water that we had to wade through to get to the sandbar, then the lake.

Ryan and Taylor...taking a much needed nap.

Ryan loved the water and the waves lapping against his legs. Right after I took this picture a big wave splashed against his chest. He just laughed!

Here they are getting ready to go for a ride. Garrett is next to the last on the banana.

I took this picture from the scenic overlook, just down the road from our campsite. It doesn't do the lake justice. It was really overcast this day so you can't tell how blue the water really is. Bummer....

The day before we went to the lake, we went to Minnetonka Cave. They take you on a guided tour. It is huge inside. Parts have been enlarged so you can walk through. They have stairs and a handrail throughout and it is dimly lit throughout. Very cool. The kids loved it. It stays a constant 40 degrees inside (Blaine and I thought it felt good). There are 440 steps in and of course, that many back out. Hannah was such a trooper. She walked every single step!

This is called the touching rock. It is smooth and shiny from so many people touching it. Here is Garrett...touching it.

This formation is called the 7 dwarfs.

It was an awesome trip...very fun! Looking forward to returning there, hopefully next summer!


Cindy said...

isn't the blue water great? such a great change from all the brown/green stuff you see around IF. i've never been to the caves, but they look fun too.

Beckie said...

I love the picture of Hannah at the beach-- beach baby!! We need something close to us that is warm and useable!!